Best coffee shops In Montreal

We know that Montreal is a foodie destination, but there are also excellent coffee shops all around the city that make it even more vibrant. There are many local coffee shops with great ambiance and great service. I have visited many of them, and made a list of 6 of my favorites. Here are some spots you can check out if you’re looking for a nice break from walking around the city or just a spot to catch up with friends.

Le Petit dep

If you’re looking for a cute and charming coffee shop to meet up with friends at or get some work done, le petit dep in Griffintown is it.

This depanneur (or convenience store for the out of towners) offers a lovely atmosphere where you can enjoy pastries, baked goods, coffees, smoothies, sandwiches and even hot meals while amongst the vintage décor and lovely plants.

They also have a selection of artisanal and specialized items that you can purchase.

SoLit Cafe

In the perfect location, in the heart of downtown, you will find this cute coffee shop.

As you walk by on Mansfield street, you may even miss this place as it is located below a building. Once you are inside, you will love the oranges and lights hanging from the ceiling giving it a cozy atmosphere.

Enjoy coffee, baked good and some healthy meals while you catch up with a friend or catch up on some work. This place really makes you forget about the cold and winter once you are inside as the décor gives you a tropical feel.

September Surf

In this hip coffee shop, you can share a table with others in a communal experience.

It is a busy spot, where locals line up for a coffee, pancakes, salads or delicious sandwiches. The idea behind this coffee shop has been to combine surfing vibes within a relaxing positive environment and they have done just that.

In the summer enjoy the backyard; complete with a hammock to chill in. Even the outside benches (in front of the entrance) is cool and comfy.

Café Ma Bicyclette

This is a great pitstop to quench your thirst or hunger for anyone biking or walking along Canal Lachine.

The spot is adorable with a nice terrasse and a perfect meetup spot.


This location on Stanley may seem a bit strange as it’s located beside a parking garage.

Despite it’s location, once you step in, you feel like you are in a small yet quaint coffee shop in middle of town, away from all the hustle and bustle.

Here you can enjoy delicious coffee and friendly service. The fresh homemade muffins and scones are also very delicious.

Crew Collective & Café

A place that is considered one of the most beautiful coffee shops in Montreal, Crew Collective & Café is located in the old port.

It used to be the former Royal Bank of Canada and for some reason it gives me Gringotts Wizarding Bank vibes. This is a unique setting and most people will be there to enjoy the architecture and a different atmosphere than most coffee shops. Here you can enjoy a coffee or a grab a bite.

The cafe also offers different working stations that can be rented out on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, so if you’re looking for a co-working space, this place is perfect.

Have you been to any of these coffee shops? Would you recommend them to your friends? Let me know if you have any other places you would add to this list. 

If you are looking to enjoy a nice coffee along with a delicious brunch, check out this list of some of my favorite brunch spots in Montreal.

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