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Santorini, Unique and Wonderful

Beaches, archaeological sites, charming architecture and splendid views in Santorini are some of the things that make this island one of the most popular to visit in Greece.

An enormous volcanic explosion created this attractive Aegean Sea island. As one of the most desired places to visit (especially for honeymooners) this island allows for relaxation. Sail around the caldera in the clear-blue water or enjoy the spectacular sunsets over the sea. You can enjoy the sunset from almost anywhere, especially Oia as it is set high on a cliff.
Sail - Santorini - Pack and JetSunset - Santorini - Pack and Jet

Due to the volcanic activity, you can find multicolored sand along the beaches,  black beaches of Kamari and Perissa are two of the most popular.  Perivolos has crystal clear waters, soft black sand with restaurants, bars and hotels on the beach. Red beach is located near Akrotiri and is one of the most famous and beautiful beaches of Santorini even though small. It is well known for the unique colour and setting of the sand and the hill behind it.
Red Beach - Santorini - Pack and Jet

Bathe in the hot springs or visit the ancient towns where you can enjoy the great temples, houses with mosaics and the markets. Oia has a great history of artists and has a variety of small galleries to visit. The town of Fira is stunning made of charming white houses with blue windows and doors, separated by small cobblestone streets. blue domed churches and sun-drenched terraces offering incredible views of the volcano and the sunset.
Santorini - Pack and JetSantorini - Pack and Jet

Be sure to explore the traditional areas and the beautiful countryside outside of the towns. Discover the cave houses , gardens, small family business, and tiny churches. Don’t forget to visit the vineyards as Santorini has the oldest in Europe and unlike any other.
For a full Santorini experience, make sure to go up the Caldera on a mule. These animals will carry you on a steep and winding path.
Mule - Santorini - Pack and Jet

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