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Monaco – Beautiful and Classy

Despite it’s size, Monaco, the world’s second smallest country in the world, is extremely attractive. Located on the French Riviera, Monaco is bordered by France on three sides, with one side bordering the Mediterranean Sea. The entire place, specifically it’s capital Monte Carlo, is glamorous and luxurious, with a grand casino, shops, palace hotels and much more. This combined with the climate and it’s perfect seaside location, make this destination the ultimate getaway.

Monte Carlo is famous for the variety of casinos. There are five casinos in Monaco, including one of the world’s most famous, Casino de Monte-Carlo.  Its architectural magnificence dominates the center of the Principality. Charles Garnier, the architect of the opera house in Paris, built the Casino in 1878. Even if you don’t like to gamble, be sure to visit to see the amazing decor. Charles Garnier was also hired to build Monaco’s Opera House. The 520-seat theatre has been the setting for international concerts, ballets and more.
Monte Carlo Casino - Monaco - Pack and JetMonte Carlo Casino - Monaco - Pack and Jet 2

At Monte Carlo’s heart is the historic part, Monaco-Ville (old town), which some visitors don’t even know about. This is where you’ll find all the small, colourful apartments along narrow streets, cute boutiques and shops as well as some great restaurants which are reasonably priced. There are great views of the Mediterranean from the top as you walk up to this part.
Monaco Ville - Pack and JetMonaco Ville - Pack and Jet 3

Strolling through, you will come to to Prince Albert’s Royal Palace, most famous royal residence in Monaco. You can visit the exhibition of legendary Grimaldi family who resided here in the 13th century. The Palace has a classical elegance and structure. Be sure to visit this palace just before noon when the guard changes occur.  Here you can also find the Napoleon Museum.
Monaco Palace - Pack and JetMonaco Palace - Pack and Jet 2

Next visit the Oceanographic Museum, which is dedicated to marine science and oceanography. Here you will also find a world-famous Aquarium where the rarest species of fish and marine life are held in 90 pools. It also includes a shark lagoon and a whale skeleton. This vast classical building is built straight up from the cliff, and it can look bigger than the Palace.
Oceanographic Museum - Monaco - Pack and Jet

There are big annual events held here, such as the Tennis Masters Series in April and other festivals such as the Monaco International Non Violent Film Festival, the Monte Carlo Opera and the annual Spring Arts Festival. However one that is most famous and glamorous is the Formula 1 Grand Prix race in May. The event has occurred every year since 1929 and attracts many visitors from all around the world each year and promises to be a great experience as cars race through the narrow winding roads.
Monaco Grand Prix - Pack and Jet

Exotic Gardens are another attraction worth seeing. You’ll find more than a thousand plant species, including world class collection of cacti. Make time to visit the underground caves full of stalactites and stalagmites. For those who love shopping, you will find some of the most expensive and exclusive shopping locations in the world.  As well, the dramatic cliffs and the multi-million dollar yachts make the Monte Carlo harbors one of the most beautiful harbors in the world. Enjoy scenic walks along the pretty coast and for those interested Provence, the French Riviera and Italy are all within a short distance away. All of this and more has made Monaco one of interesting destinations in Europe.
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