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Buenos Aires – Paris of South America

As one of the favorite South American destinations for travellers, Buenos Aires has become one of the most interesting and friendly cities in the world. This enormous city is the capital of Argentina on the east coast of South America is rich in culture, architecture leaving it’s visitors in a state of awe.

A good place to start the sightseeing in this city is the Plaza De Mayo, which has always been the centerpiece of the city. This public space is situated in front of the Casa Rosada, or “pink house”, where Evita performed her speech to millions. Civic and political centers on this large, palm-shaded square in Centro.
Plaza de Mayo - Buenos Aires - Argentina - Pack and Jet

Next you can visit  neighborhood of Recoleta, where the Recoleta Cemetery is located. Here you can see the marble facades and dramatic statues, forming an eerie but beautiful city of the dead. Residents include the must-see Evita, presidents, sporting greats, writers are all buried side by side in a gorgeous display of sculptures and architectural masterpieces.
Recoleta Cemetery - Buenos Aires - Argentina - Pack and Jet

San Telmo is another and most unique neighborhood in Buenos Aires with Spanish architectural treasures, beautiful museums, antique shops, interesting restaurants and nightlife including tango shows.  On Sunday, The San Telmo Market at Plaza Dorrego is filled with arts and crafts booths. This is definitely a place to shop and the building is worth seeing on its own. In the evening, this historic square turns into a giant tango dance called a milonga.
Sunday market in San Telmo - Buenos Aires - Argentina - Pack and JetTango Dancers - Buenos Aires - Argentina - Pack and Jet



La Boca is a colorful and delightful neighbourhood right off the old port of Buenos Aires. Multi-colored houses and taverns are aligned along this area and today it is one of the most important cultural centers and tourist attractions of Buenos Aires city for walking tours, soccer games and tango shows. Caminito is a walkway and focus of La Boca. It is an open air tango museum and arts market covered by the cobblestoned streets and lined with brightly colored houses, and original artworks. Traditional restaurants feature live tango shows and dancers and musicians show off their talents. You can also visit Boca Juniors stadium. The colorful blue and yellow stadium is a top attraction. Attend a football game if possible and you can feel the passion and eternal devotion the Boca fans have for their team.
La Boca - Buenos Aires - Argentina - Pack and JetCaminito - La Boca - Buenos Aires - Argentina - Pack and Jet



Another top tourist attraction is Palermo which is the biggest and trendiest neighborhood offering activities for day and night including great restaurants, trendy designer stores, fun pubs, bars and clubs. The young neighbourhood of Puerto Madero is a waterfront neighborhood with glass skyscrapers, elegant restaurants and chic nightclubs worth visiting. As you go through Buenos Aires, you will find that there is a lot of European influence with a great Latin American vibe making a great mix of cultures, art and food. This energetic metropolis city leaves little room for disappointment for it’s visitors and is highly recommended.

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